Wall panel systems ROSBY®

ROSBY Ltd. company offers a new product—wall panel systems ROSBY able to quickly and effectively solve many problems during the process of setting up of the interior—there is no more need to sheathe the walls with drywall, no more need in wall bases and bordering the doorways, and no more dust. Wall panel systems ROSBY are easy to install and uninstall and are very stable. Wall panel systems ROSBY can be easily used for any interiors, for utility rooms and luxury offices and houses.


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We have created 5 different panel systems with several price levels:

  • Panel systems “Sun”, “Garden” and “Tree of happiness” are manufactured from birch veneer with features from massive wood and covered with ecologically clean lacquers.
  • Panel system “Flower” is manufactured from birch veneer with bleached revetment.
  • Panel system “Baron” is manufactured from oak and revetment oak plates and covered with polyurethane lacquer BECKER.

For 4 out of 5 panel systems we also offer a hand-made paintings in authoring execution, thus adding lightness and a peculiar mood. For panel system “Flower”, white flower printing on bleached wood revetment is used.

All of the panel systems have manufactured production samples. The maximum height of the panels—3 metres (9.84 ft), the width of the modules for every panel system vary and can be adjusted accordingly. After the panel systems are installed, the places of connections of panels are not seen.

Execution of orders is supposed at the factories in Latvia after conclusion of necessary agreements. For transportation the size of packages comply with international cargo transportation requirements and are made compact.

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ROSBYdesign company

The company has been established for development and distribution of ROSBY design products. ROSBY is a trademark registered in European Union, USA and Russia.

Design products—furniture and features of interior under ROSBY trademark—are being developed and manufactured by a team of professionals. Since 1994 a variety of interiors for private apartments and houses in Latvia, Luxembourg, café and restaurants in Riga, among which such as “Melnie Mūki”, “Carpe Diem”, as well as private offices including the Representative office of Latvia in NATO, Brussels, that was highly evaluated.

Contact information

ROSBYdesign Ltd.
Cesu 31,k.1, Riga, LV-1012, Latvia
Andra Racenaja, [email protected]
Aleksejs Sviridenkovs, mob.: (+371) 2-619-76-85
Latvian Designers Union

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